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Falda midi asimétrica con volantes y tejidos combinados. Detalle de fornitura de crochet y lúrex en la cintura y espalda con goma para un mejor fitting - Falda midi asimétrica - Con volantes - Fornitura crochet con lurex en cintura -Cintura con goma

You can make a change for the garment in another size, color or for a different garment. As long as the amount of the product to change is the same. In the event that the price does not match you must make a RETURN (see process below) and process a new product. For the NKN team it is essential that you have a good shopping experience and work every day to achieve it. If upon receiving your order you have any problem with the product received you have up to 15 calendar days to change or return the order. The 15 days start from when you receive the order at your home..

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