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If you have doubts about the size, you can be guided by these measures.


NKN Clothing

Size S/M M/L
Bust 87-92 93-98
Waist 66-72 73-79
Hips 95-100 101-106
Size S M L U
Bust 87-90 91-94 95-98 87-98
Waist 66-71 72-76 77-80 66-80
Hips 96-100 101-105 106-112 96-112


Size 36 37 38
Foot (cm) 23,33 24 24,66
Size 39 40 41
Foot (cm) 25,32 25,98 26,64

How to measure?

To measure your bust, surround the bust area with a tape measure below the armpit and the most protruding part of the chest.

The measurement of the waist is obtained by surrounding the narrowest part of the waist at the level of the navel.

Measure the outline of the hip by the widest part of it.